Online proctoring

Spring Quarter 2020 Proctoring statement as of 13 May 2020: Please be aware that faculty and students are facing significant issues with auto-proctored exams.  We strongly suggest that you consider alternatives to proctored online exams to assess your students - ideas and recommendations can be found here:
Faculty instructions for using Examity updated Friday, May 1, 2020 (improved based on faculty and student feedback)

Online exam proctoring for Spring Quarter 2020 consists of students completing an exam in Canvas while being recorded for later review by a proctor.

Please review these basic steps to set up remote proctoring. Find more detail and support documentation to complete these steps below.

The Instructor Process: The instructor sets up their exam in Canvas. They also create an account with Examity and input exam date and time information and other details (outlined in the detailed instructions linked below). They then invite their students to make exam appointments.
The Student Process: Students set up a profile, proving their identity. They then schedule an appointment for their exam.
 At their exam appointment time, they login to Canvas and Examity, connect to proctoring in Examity to verify their identity, and then begin their exam in Canvas.

Examity currently offers automated proctoring. Identity verification and proctoring is completed through an automated process. Exam sessions are recorded (via webcam and screen-sharing) and then later reviewed by a proctor.

With this simple overview in mind, please review the detailed materials and instructions below before getting started with Examity.


Please use the following documents to get Examity set up in your Canvas course and to communicate with students:

 Consider the following as you plan:

  • Exams must take place within UC Davis Canvas.
  • Begin as soon as possible, to give yourself time to set up the exam, and to give your students time to schedule their individual exam appointments. Setup can take at least 2 to 3 days, and maybe longer, depending on the volume of requests. 
  • Examity will accommodate students registered with the Student Disability Center for special exam requirements, such as additional time. Please see page 13 of the Instructor Guide for information on adding accommodation information to Examity-proctored exams. Instructions for setting extended times for Canvas Quiz exams can be found at this Canvas help document
  • Decide how much time students will have to complete the exam once they begin.
  • Decide how long the exam will be available to students to take exams, and please be flexible. For Examity to accommodate the large numbers of students taking online exams, please plan for a wide test availability time window, ideally 24 hours or more from beginning to end. For example, if an exam is scheduled from 8am to 10am, consider making the exam available to students from 8am until 8am or noon the next day.
  • Students will not populate into Examity for 24 hours after setup. If you have a very short timeline, contact Jayme Silverman ( to expedite your request. 
  • Each student will set up an individual appointment to take the exam within the exam window.
  • Students should allow an extra 15-30 minutes immediately before taking the exam to connect to Examity and verify their identity.
  • All students taking an online proctored exam will need a computer, webcam, and reliable internet. Google Chrome is recommended. As not all students have access to these hardware and network requirements, we ask that you verify student access to the needed technology requirements before moving forward with online testing. See the Final Exam Options page for other assessment options.

If you have additional questions about setting up Examity for your course, please contact If you would like to learn about other ways to create flexible learning experiences for students, review the information in the Teach and Test sections on this Keep Teaching site.