Online Webinars

In addition to the resources on this site, Academic Technology Services offers live webinars for UC Davis faculty and instructional teams. Use the links on this page to register for upcoming webinars using a UC Davis email address. If you are a UC Davis instructor but do not yet have a university email address, please send a message to after registering to receive access.

See links below to upcoming webinars and to on-demand webinars you can view anytime.

To request support from an ATS educational technologist, contact, or to discuss adapting your teaching for remote delivery with an instructional designer, contact

Upcoming Live Webinars

The Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) is offering the self-paced, fully-online ACCELERATE Asynchronously course (enroll and webpage). The course is designed to support the creation of inclusive and equitable e-learning environments. The course is open to everyone at UC Davis.

Review presentations from Academic Technology Service's Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (SITT), the oldest yearly teaching institute at UC Davis. SITT 2023 included a mix of live online events and on-demand talks hosted by faculty and staff presenters on the theme "Small Acts, Big Impacts." All of the SITT 2023 presentations, including recordings of live events, will be available indefinitely on The Wheel, ATS's instructional technology blog.

On-Demand Webinars

Watch this sequence of on-demand webinars to be introduced to teaching with Zoom, Canvas, AggieVideo, remote whiteboards, TurnItIn, Respondus, and PlayPosit. Although this content was produced to support emergency remote instruction, the principles and tools have relevance in many contexts.

Teaching Remotely with Zoom (recorded 9/23/20; references settings in Zoom version 5.3.0.)

This webinar covered the pedagogical and technological considerations for hosting a live remote session with your students. The content was similar to what is covered on our Teaching Live Remote Sessions page.

Creating Interaction in Live Remote Sessions (recorded 4/17/20)

This webinar examined different pedagogical purposes that are fulfilled by creating interaction in live remote sessions, and provided demonstrations and sample questions for the Zoom polling tool, iClicker Cloud, and Zoom Breakout rooms.

Presenting Learning Materials with Canvas Modules (recorded 9/14/22)

This webinar explored strategies for creating organized and engaging learning materials using Modules, Pages, and embedded media in Canvas courses.

Teaching with AggieVideo (recorded 4/16/20)

This webinar went over the use of video capture (Kaltura Capture) for recording video and making it available to students, posting and managing content in AggieVideo, and embedding your AggieVideo media into Canvas.

Remote Alternatives to Whiteboards (recorded 4/29/20)

This webinar examined alternative approaches to teaching with traditional classroom whiteboards in a remote setting. Topics included Zoom's whiteboard and screen sharing features, as well as connecting tablets or smartphones to contribute content to a remote session.

TurnItIn: Getting Started (recorded 5/12/20)

This webinar provided an overview of instructor and student use of TurnItIn, the plagiarism checking tool available in Canvas.

Introduction to PlayPosit (recorded 11/6/20)

Emily from PlayPosit provided an overview of how to use PlayPosit to make instructional videos more interactive. Access additional helpful PlayPosit resources here.

Getting Started with the PlayPosit Analytics Monitor (recorded 11/20/20)

Emily from PlayPosit provided an overview PlayPosit's analytics, called the Monitor, and how to use them to improve student learning.

Grading with Canvas (recorded 12/9/20)

This webinar provided an overview of grading within Canvas, including weighted Assignment groups and SpeedGrader.

Using Respondus for Improved Quizzing (recorded 12/10/20)

This webinar provided an overview of the Respondus Lockdown Browser + Monitor, an AI-based exam-monitoring tool available to all faculty. Topics included the distinction between the Lockdown Browser tool and the Monitor tool and best practices for their use for quizzes and tests.

PlayPosit 201: Advanced Features (recorded 2/26/21)

Emily from PlayPosit introduced advanced features of PlayPosit, including the capabilities of PlayPosit’s rich text editor, advanced interaction settings, and branched learning with jumps & hot spots. Access resources from the webinar here.

PlayPosit: Use Cases (recorded 3/18/21)

Emily from PlayPosit shared a range of use cases for PlayPosit, including for text-based, rather than video-based, interactions. Access the resource guide used during the webinar, which includes descriptions of a range of uses cases, as well a sample bulb and a quick start guide for each use case.

Repurpose, Reuse & Upcycle Video Content with Automated Grading and Feedback Using PlayPosit (recorded 3/10/22)

Stephanie from PlayPosit walked us through using PlayPosit to repurpose existing content for a new use in your course, reuse video content already created and upcycle (modify and embellish) the resulting learning objects you’ve established to scale your impact and engage your learners. Participants learned to deploy auto-graded interactive video to scale their impact and increase learner engagement asynchronously. The resource guide has a lot of resources for both new and experienced PlayPosit users.

PlayPosit for Non-instructional Units (recorded 8/26/22)

Stephanie from PlayPosit walked us through using PlayPosit for purposes not related to classroom teaching. This training highlighted the fundamentals of PlayPosit with an emphasis on scaling resources and engaging with learners in non-instructional settings. The resource guide has a lot of resources for both new and experienced PlayPosit users.