Online Webinars

In addition to the resources on this site, Academic Technology Services offers weekly live webinars for UC Davis faculty and instructional teams. Use the links on this page to register for upcoming webinars using a UC Davis email address. If you are a UC Davis instructor but do not yet have a university email address, please send a message to after registering to receive access.

See links below to upcoming webinars and to webinar recordings you can view anytime.

Upcoming Live Webinars - Week of August 3-7

Please register using the links below to attend a live webinar on the noted topic:

Listen to faculty perspectives on remote instruction through FacultyConnect (recordings from all 6 sessions, April 16-May 21).

Recordings of Webinars

To get started with remote teaching, watch this sequence of recorded webinars to be introduced to teaching with Zoom, Canvas, AggieVideo, remote whiteboards, and TurnItIn.

Teaching Live Remote Sessions in Zoom

This webinar covered the pedagogical and technological considerations for hosting a live remote session with your students. The content was similar to what is covered on our Teaching Live Remote Sessions page.

Recorded Teaching Live Remote Sessions in Zoom webinar

♦ Creating Interaction in Live Remote Sessions

This webinar examined different pedagogical purposes that are fulfilled by creating interaction in live remote sessions, and provided demonstrations and sample questions for the Zoom polling tool, iClicker Cloud, and Zoom Breakout rooms.

Recorded Creating Interaction in Live Remote Sessions webinar

♦ Designing Remote Lessons in Canvas

This webinar explored strategies for creating organized and engaging learning materials using Modules, Pages, and embedded media in Canvas courses.

Recorded Designing Remote Lessons in Canvas

♦ Teaching with AggieVideo

This webinar went over the use of video capture (Kaltura Capture) for recording video and making it available to students, posting and managing content in AggieVideo, and embedding your AggieVideo media into Canvas.

Recorded Teaching with Aggie Video webinar

Remote Alternatives to Whiteboards

This webinar examined alternative approaches to teaching with traditional classroom whiteboards in a remote setting. Topics included Zoom's whiteboard and screen sharing features, as well as connecting tablets or smartphones to contribute content to a remote session.

Recorded Remote Alternatives to Whiteboards webinar

♦ TurnItIn: Getting Started

This webinar provided an overview of instructor and student use of TurnItIn, the plagiarism checking tool available in Canvas.

Recorded TurnItIn: Getting Started webinar

Kaltura Preparedness for COVID-19 Response 

The following information comes from Kaltura Capture regarding COVID-19:

Each day we serve over 10,000,000 video streams worldwide, an indication of our comfort level with high volume video streaming services. In examining your usage patterns, you have a high water mark of just under 80,000 streams in a month. Tripling or quadrupling that amount of video is well within our capability. In addition, know that we have a dedicated team actively monitoring our global platform via our Network Operations Center. Finally, to help us increase our vigilance, we have appointed our Chief Information Officer Yehiam Shinder to also act as our Chief of Business Continuity Planning Officer. We believe these actions will allow you to increase your load with confidence.

The [text below] describes the extra measures we are taking at Kaltura to ensure that we remain a reliable and trusted partner in the face of the current COVID-19 situation.


In view of the evolving COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis, Kaltura has updated its policies to ensure continued seamless functionality to our clients.

Kaltura wants to reassure all customers that we are closely monitoring the situation and is well-prepared to handle the implications and associated contingencies of a potential global pandemic.

Kaltura’s Existing Infrastructure Is Robust 

Kaltura, by its nature, is already well equipped to handle this type of emergency. As a video-based, globally-distributed company, we are capable of continuing to serve your needs even in the event of our locations being placed under quarantine.

  • Our internal operations are heavily based on robust cloud solutions from industry-leading vendors. Such solutions are extremely reliable.

  • All Kaltura employees are capable of working remotely. We also conducted a remote work drill to verify that all systems are accessible and functioning well remotely.

Preparations for Coronavirus Are in Place 

In addition, we have in recent weeks stepped up a number of preparations to ensure smooth continuity and minimal risk.

  • Employee travel policies are constantly updated by the Chief HR Officer to ensure we minimize any potential risk. These policies are aligned with local country health regulations and guidance.

  • We have appointed a Chief of Business Continuity Planning, Yehiam Shinder, to constantly review and update our continuity plans in light of new developments.

  • We analyzed vendor associated risks and dependencies and obtained BCPs from material vendors to ensure there are no weak links.

  • Our production systems have scaled to handle burst peaks expected from our customers leveraging remote learning and collaboration tools in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.