How can I adapt paper-based exams or assignments for online delivery using Gradescope?

This tool allows instructors to electronically collect scanned paper assignments from students and grade them online. Gradescope can also be used in a completely online mode using the "Homework" type of assignment. Gradescope can help with distributing, collecting, and grading take-home exams, lab forms, and other paper-based activities without meeting a student in person. Gradescope is available for all UC Davis instructors. To get started, consult these help documents.

Additional support is available by emailing, or you can learn more about using “Gradescope for Remote Assessments” by signing up for a live online webinar or viewing a previously recorded webinar.

The following workflows are examples of how Gradescope might be used:

  • Fully-online assessments (no paper)
    • If your assessments do not require drawing or handwriting, or you prefer your students work completely digitally, you can use an online assessment: 
      • Include a mix of automatically graded and manually graded questions (with the normal Gradescope Rubric).
      • Students submit answers directly through Gradescope’s web interface.
      • Can be time limited, where students have a designated amount of time from the moment of opening the assignment to complete it. 
    • Learn more at Gradescope's Help Center.
  • Student-uploaded paper-based assessments HERE
    • If handwriting or drawing is important to your assessment, or you want to administer your existing paper-based exam remotely, there are two options:
      • If you can distribute paper copies or your students have printers, you can use a template-based assignment and have your students submit digitized copies.
      • If your students can’t print, you can allow them to upload freeform work on blank paper and simply designate where they responded to each question.
      • Submitting for students is easy. Share our short video overview or the PDF Guide to get your students started.
  • If you have a bubble-sheet (multiple choice) assessment, you can provide paper bubble sheets that are automatically graded. Learn more.


  • FAQ Guide for delivering remote assessments