Video Delivery of Lab Courses

Delivering Lab Courses Remotely

As you think through options for delivering effective lab instruction remotely, below are a few technology solutions for filming or streaming experiments.

Self-Service Recording/Streaming Options: 

These are methods you can do on your own. Contact if you need technology assistance with any of them:

Recording Assistance from Academic Technology Services (ATS)

The ATS video group can bring a camera to your lab to make basic recordings of lab sessions for remote viewing at a later date through Canvas. To request assistance recording your lab presentations, contact

To allow for planning and preparation, please contact us at least three business days before your desired recording time.

This service is centrally funded, and there is no charge to departments. Recordings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Other considerations for these basic lab recordings:

  • Recordings will be shot with a single camera from a fixed position. This means you should have everything in place ahead of time, in a single table-top area in the lab. The videographer will be able to zoom and pan the camera to follow the action.

  • Presentations should be delivered as if live in front of an audience. (There will be minimal editing; minor mistakes that are corrected on the fly tend to keep things interesting and add a touch of humanity.)

  • Anything that requires a significant passage of time should be prepared ahead of time (similar to a cooking show), to avoid long stretches of video with no action. 

  • We do not recommend live (synchronous) streams of lab recordings. Students with low-bandwidth connectivity, or in different time zones, cannot fully participate in live streams. (If you require a live presentation, please see the “self-service options” above.)