Get Started


Step 1: Gather information to inform your plans to keep teaching during changes to normal campus operations.

  • Review UC Davis web resources for information about the disruption: UC Davis COVID-19 Page and Campus Operating Status
  • Consult with:
    • Your department about plans to best continue with classes during changes to normal campus operations
    • Your instructional team (e.g., co-instructors, TAs, readers, learning assistants)
    • Academic Technology Services ( for assistance with Canvas, Zoom, Lecture Capture, and online exams, and to learn about options
    • Center for Educational Effectiveness ( for pedagogical and instructional strategies to inform course continuity
  • Review UCD Academic Policy for class cancellations

Step 2:  Plan. Planning requires you to assess where you are in your course, and plan for course modifications to ensure continuity of instruction.

Step 3: Communicate. Create a plan for communicating with your students early and often, so that they have the tools and information they need to succeed.

Step 4: TeachFind technology and pedagogical resources for implementing your modified teaching plan.

This Quick Guide (below) might be helpful if an outside event requires you to quickly move portions of your course online. 

► Quick Guide

  • Communicate with your department to obtain campus and departmental recommendations for continuity of instruction.
  • Check appropriate campus resources (e.g., the UC Davis COVID-19 Page and Campus Operating Status) in the event of unexpected limitations on teaching.
  • Communicate with students: Explain your methods for communicating with them, and how they can keep up to date on possible course closures.
  • Assess course activity for the week, to determine what changes might be needed.
  • Create an interim communication and instructional plan to ensure consistent messaging among TAs and instructors during the disruption.
  • Communicate the interim communication and instructional plan to TAs and co-instructors. 
  • Update instructional materials to reflect modifications (e.g., Canvas, assignment instructions, submission requirements, etc.) and remove items no longer relevant.
  • Determine whether and how course modifications will impact grading and assessment.
  • Notify students of immediate course changes, including changes in course activities (e.g., lecture and lab schedule) and assignment submission.
  • Implement instructional changes as necessary. If desired, contact ATS and CEE for help implementing course modifications.