Live proctoring with Examity is available for use by virtual (V) courses. Faculty teaching eligible courses will be contacted by ATS staff prior to the start of the quarter. Questions can be directed to onlineproctoring@ucdavis.edu.

Examity offers online live exam proctoring, which consists of students completing an exam while being observed and recorded via screenshare and webcam by a professional proctor. This service is intended for high-stakes exams only. Faculty are strongly encouraged to consider alternatives to proctored online exams to assess students. Ideas and recommendations can be found on the Testing page and the Testing Alternatives page.

Quick Overview of Examity

Instructor: The instructor sets up their exam in Canvas. They also create an account with Examity and input exam date and time information and other details (outlined in the detailed instructions linked below). They then invite their students to make exam appointments.

Student: Students set up a profile, proving their identity. They then schedule an appointment for their exam.  At their exam appointment time, they login to Canvas and Examity, connect to proctoring in Examity to verify their identity, and then begin their exam in Canvas. Students will be charged a $5 fee for scheduling or canceling an exam within 24 hours of the exam time.

Support information

Technology access: All students taking an online proctored exam will need a computer, webcam, and reliable internet. Hardware and software requirements for using Examity can be found, and verified through a web-based tool (please note that on that web page, UC Davis is using "The New Examity Platform").  As not all students have access to these hardware and network requirements, we ask that you ask students to verify access to the needed technology requirements before moving forward with online testing. Ideas and recommendations for other assessment options can be found on the Testing page and the Testing Alternatives page.

Accommodations: Examity will accommodate students registered with the Student Disability Center for special exam requirements, such as additional time. Please see page 6 of the Instructor Guide (see below) for information on adding accommodation information to Examity-proctored exams. Instructions for setting extended times for Canvas Quiz exams can be found at this Canvas help document.


Please use the following documents to get Examity set up in your Canvas course and to communicate with students:

If you have additional questions about setting up Examity for your course, please contact onlineproctoring@ucdavis.edu. If you would like to learn about other ways to create flexible learning experiences for students, review the information in the Teaching and Testing sections on this Keep Teaching site.