Remote Computer Labs

Remote Instruction from the IET Virtual Lab

With the campus engaging in remote instruction, IET computer rooms are closed.  This allows us to add more computers to and make them available all day. 

You can still use the IET virtual labs to hold computer-based lab sections for remote instruction. The instructor can use Zoom to share their screen with the students.

Please remind your students that the IET Virtual Lab computers are a shared community resource and lab sections are scheduled back-to-back. Therefore, please tell your students to access the virtual lab no more than 5 minutes before the start of your lab section and exit within 5 minutes after the lab ends.

Based on feedback from faculty, these are the current best practices:

  • All faculty and TA's have access to Zoom through Canvas.

  • The  instructor should run Zoom from their computer and then Share just the window showing the connection to the virtual lab.  

    • Don't try to run Zoom from the virtual lab computer

    • Two monitors are helpful; otherwise you may need to minimize the virtual lab window to start the Zoom session.

  •  Students typically have laptops with a relatively small screen so using a second monitor or tablet would be the best option for watching the Zoom session. Otherwise, have the students connect to Zoom via their phones, and the IET virtual lab with their laptop as laptop screens are often too small to see both.  

  • Since some students have small screens, you should  go slowly and verbally describe what you are doing as it might be difficult for them to follow small details in the Zoom session.

If you plan to use the IET Virtual Lab to support remote instruction please email and let us know the name of class, software required, number of students, and if you plan to meet at specific times.