Student to Student Advice on Remote Learning

At the end of Spring 2020, we asked UC Davis students what advice they had for other students about remote learning. We are working on a thematic analysis to identify the most common advice and concerns expressed in these responses. In the meantime, you can read a representative sample of the comments, from students who consented to have them published, below. If you are interested in seeing more, please email  


The same sense of immediacy and accountability aren't inherently there. Build it! Try and be consistent with your studying, but also be able to surrender once in a while. Accept that being home might not be the best place to study, then work through it cause those classes are still going on even if you don't go.


Try to plan all assignments out ahead of time so it doesn't feel like you are falling behind


Just try your best. take car of your mental health. We are living in very uncertain times.


Do your lectures on time at the assigned class time, even if they are pre-recorded. You can stay accountable and effectively manage your time and workload this way.


I recommend getting great wifi and saving your instructors email because issues will occur and communication is key.


Try to interact with other students and create zoom study or hw groups


Do your best to create an isolated study space, and learn how to be firm with family members/pets/friends when you need space.  


Act like online school is regular school and show up for online lecture.


Try to set a routine with your work, but also allow yourself some time for self-care because it's difficult to be swamped with work and deal with the current pandemic.


Reach out to other people in you classes and form facebook/messenger/group me groups!


Check your deadlines regularly, it is easier to get off track under remote learning


Try you best to stay focused and stay in good communication with your professors